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Price Per Serving

All of our cakes are priced out at $5 per serving.


For fondant covered cakes, an additional $1.50 will be added to your price per serving . 


Most decorative scroll work, filigree and textures among other designs are included into your cake price. Addition costs may be added for intricate lace work, hand painting, edible glitters, crystals, pearls and so on. Placement of non-edible items such as flowers and toppers can be placed for

no additional cost


Our cupcakes are super fun and delicious. Cupcakes start out at $2.00, you can spice them up with fillings for an additional .50 cents per cupcake. Edible decorations can be added at an additional cost depending on design

Serving Chart

 6” round serves 10

 8” round serves 25

10” round serves 40

12” round serves 55

14” round serves 76

16” round serves 100

18” round serves 150

 ¼ sheet single serves 20

 ¼ sheet double serves 50

 ½ sheet single serves 50

 ½ sheet double serves 100

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